Week 3 Review

Happy Wednesday!

It’s now that time where we check in with how the bansheebeat Spring Project is coming along. If you’re just now joining us, this is a massive eight week project that aims to coordinate, promote, and organize my new EP release, with the goal of amplifying audience outreach and curating supplementary content and events to support it. With this being the third week, most of the work I’ve accomplished has been in the realm of outlining and scheduling various larger projects that will take shape as we progress along, but there are a few exciting things to report at this stage in the timeline!

Here is what I’m currently focusing on:

  • Finalizing Release Details
  • Curating and Promoting a Concert
  • New Remix Announcement
  • Producing a Music Video

So let's get started!

Tidying Up Release Details:

While I’m still a short ways from finally announcing the EP in full, I’m working toward finishing all of the material for the reveal. I am currently finalizing details with the yet-to-be-announced label in charge of the release. I’m happy to say we have an effective timeline for releasing and promoting the album all set up, and that I’m pushing to finish all of the exciting promotional material very soon. Currently, I’m working on a teaser trailer with Los Angeles graphic design artist Pixelon. After spending most of last weekend drafting and trading ideas, we’re finally getting into the production stages so look forward to some cool updates on that next week!

Screenshot of the Trailer [via Adobe Premiere]

Screenshot of the Trailer [via Adobe Premiere]

Organizing a Release Show:

Pomoro - 933 N Main Ave, Tucson, AZ

Pomoro - 933 N Main Ave, Tucson, AZ

I’m very glad to announce that I will be hosting an EP release party on April 1st at Pomoro in Tucson, AZ! I’m working on finalizing the lineup, so once everything is organized I will release a promotional flier for the event. Pomoro is one of my favorite up-and-coming independent art spaces / venues so I’m very pleased that I was able to secure it for this particular show!

The venue does not currently have a web presence, so here is a map of its address.

Music Updates and a New Remix:

My setup @ WaveLab

My setup @ WaveLab

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of laying down some drum tracks for a new project at Tucson’s WaveLab recording studio! It’s always a blast getting back into the studio. After some time away from my beloved drum kit, it was really refreshing to reconnect in a professional recording environment! I also treated myself and brought a few of my supplementary toms and cymbals out of storage, so I absolutely spoiled myself getting those puppies on tape!

VenoSci  -  KEYCHAINS: The Remixes

VenoSci - KEYCHAINS: The Remixes

In other news, I have a special announcement for you remix lovers out there! I have just been asked to appear on Chicago producer VenoSci’s new KEYCHAINS remix compilation! I’m slated to appear alongside some of my favorite artists, including Hair Kid from Japan as well as Matra Magic and SOTUI! All proceeds from the release are going directly to the ACLU, so please look forward to hearing some great tunes that will help benefit a great cause!

Announcement - Music Video:

I am ecstatic to finally announce that I’m finalizing the beginning stages of producing a music video! I’ve been keeping it super under wraps until now, but everything is finally in order and filming is slated to start in the next few weeks! I have an awesome crew assembled featuring photography and art powerhouse Sean Li Wong and camera wizard Thomas Inthout, who I’ve collaborated with on several projects in the past! As production continues I will be going very in depth into the filming and editing process. I’ve never worked on anything remotely similar to this so I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences making a music video and trying my hardest not to constantly mess it up!

Wrap Up

This was a really solid week of progression! That said, I wish I had considered the lack of multimedia content that would have come out of the initial first few weeks of this project and thusly compensated for that in my initial outline. However, I will focus on integrating that more into the future of this project so that every weekly update retains a balanced ratio of news and updates, new content, and personal insight and reflections. 

That's about everything I have to report for this week! Full details on the EP release will be unveiled very very very soon, so please stay tuned for that! Thanks again for stopping by as we continue on this fun adventure together~


- Dylan