Week 5 Review and Full EP Announcement

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve got some big news this week! We’re now past the halfway point for my spring bansheebeat release project, and finally everything is fully coming together!

First of all, some major announcements: My new EP, "Techo Deluxe," has finally been announced and will drop on Monday, March 27th, via Attack the Music! To go along with that, a few of the things I’ve been teasing are coming to light, and I’m very excited to share them with you!

Currently, the announcement and release have included the following:

  • EP Announcement
  • Teaser Trailer
  • Artwork Reveal
  • Track Premiere
  • Datafruits.fm Listening Party
  • Finalized Press Kit

So, let’s get started and see everything I’ve been scrambling to prepare for next week!

Teaser Trailer

Last week, I finally debuted the teaser trailer I’d hinted at in previous updates, and I’m happy to be able to share the finished product! Collaborating with my friend Pixelon, the finalized version came out better than I could have anticipated! The animations came out incredibly fluid, and I’m incredibly hyped every time I rewatch it!

New EP "TECHO ☆ DELUXE" out 3/27 via Attack the Music~

In a bit of a surprise, the trailer was met with incredible excitement from my friends and listeners; the trailer received a huge amount of response on social media! I was astounded at the reaction, and it only made me more impatient over the countdown to the actual release.

Album Artwork

Another thing I was incredibly excited to finally share aside from the music itself was the fully rendered album artwork! I was fortunate enough to work with the incredibly talented visual artist Jean Liang, who delivered some of the most stunning art pieces I’ve ever seen! Using character designs I’d previously created alongside my friend Audrey from Cute Hospital, Jean painted a magnificent visual companion to the record. We started working together in around September, and we capped on the final versions less than a month ago! It was an absolute treat working with Jean, and I’m floored by how unbelievably gorgeous the final product ended up being.  

Techo Deluxe | front cover artwork by Jean Liang

Techo Deluxe | front cover artwork by Jean Liang

Techo Deluxe | back cover artwork by Jean Liang

Techo Deluxe | back cover artwork by Jean Liang

"Seems 2 Be" | Melting of Age Premiere

The next thing on my terribly unorganized PR train was a track premiere with my friends over at Melting of Age, an LA music and lifestyle blog focused around independent electronic music. They were kind enough to debut my brand new track, “Seems 2 Be,” and give it a neat little write up!

You can check out the article here, or listen to the track below!

Online Release Show

To help kick off the release on Monday, the prior Saturday I’m throwing a little online radio show / release party! I was fortunate enough to set something up with Japan-based Internet radio network Datafruits.fm to host an incredibly cool lineup of some of my favorite people, including frequent collaborator Slime Girls, Cool Teens, Yoshino Yoshikawa, and more! It starts at 6:00PM PST and you can listen live @ datafruits.fm on Saturday night!

Finalized Press Kit

Press Kit

Press Kit

The last thing on my to-do list before I could announce the new EP was to finalize the press kit that I’d discussed briefly in previous updates. While I’ve usually just done press contact stuff through brief introductory emails to various publications and outlets, it’s really satisfying to actually have a professional looking press kit that I can share on its own. It’s an all-in-one resource for information on what I do, the release (as well as the album artwork and track list), and a brief descriptive overview on the individual tracks themselves. Neither visual design or writing about my music is terribly easy for me, but I'm really happy with how the final product came out!


While I’m still working to figure out how to effectively promote the release to the best of my ability, my friends over at Attack the Music have been really helping me out! We are currently in talks to share the album with Japanese fashion outlet Galaxxxy, who are looking to include the album in the music rotations in their stores. In addition, we’re currently working to have the tracks played out by various DJs associated with the label, including Japanese powerhouse Taku Takahashi!

I’ve worked incredibly hard over the last six months to do everything I can to promote the album as effectively as possible to help promote my recognition and my vision, so that I can continue to move onto bigger projects and opportunities. Thank you so much for joining me again as we go through this process together, and I hope you look forward to hearing the full release on Monday, March 27th.


- Dylan